What is Auriculotherapy?


Auriculotherapy is used for the treatment of various health conditions. Auriculotherapy is similar to ear acupuncture but without needles. It is administered in a much shorter
treatment time and is more accurate in locating reflex points.


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How Does it Work?

Auriculotherapy works by stimulating reflex points on the surface of the ear. When specific points are stimulated, endorphins are released that help alleviate imbalances in the brain.

Are There Any Contraindications for Auriculotherapy?

The only contraindication for auriculotherapy is treating an open wound on the ear.

How Does Auriculotherapy Help With Pain Management?

Pain sensations typically involve nerve irritation this irritation can be relieved by stimulating specific nerves that connect to the area of pain.

How Long is a Treatment?

The first auriculotherapy session requires greater time for intake evaluation and patient history.  A typical auriculotherapy session lasts about 20 minutes.

How Many Treatments Do I Need?

The goal is to create balance throughout the body, the range of responses to this varies. There are no set amount of treatments for any condition, although most conditions are greatly improved by 8 to 12 treatments.

Is It Painful?

Most patients experience a calm and relaxed feeling, commonly patients will doze off  during treatment.

Auriculotherapy Gave Me Energy

“I was so tired and anxious all the time, medications had offered no relief. After just one auriculotherapy session, my energy returned and I was a lot less anxious”

- Kim Smith

Auriculotherapy Made Me Calm

“Auriculotherapy has helped calm my emotions and ease food cravings and stabilize my moods.”

- Mary Argent

Auriculotherapy Reduced My Cravings

“The  success that I immediately experienced was reduced cravings for chocolate and more energy for exercising. I was up at 5 am exercising every morning!”


Auriculotherapy Reduced My Pain

After my second treatment I noticed a difference in my pain level. Before I was not able to move my thumbs without intense pain now I can move them and the pain is minimal.”

- Barbara Brummit

Auriculotherapy Balanced My Energies

“I have found Auriculotherapy helpful in balancing my energies and physical well-being.”

- Charles F. Gager

Master Reiki Teacher

Auriculotherapy Reduced My Pain & Helped Me Sleep

“Prednisone had not relieved chronic pain that I had in my hand and I was not sleeping well. After Auriculotherapy, my pain went from moderate to almost gone and I slept well that night.”

-Chris Boone

Auriculotherapy Is Giving Me My Life Back  

“I have suffered from severe anxiety and depression since my second child was born. Anxiety and depression affects every part of one’s life physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Auriculotherapy, with the addition of nutritional guidence, is allowing me to wean myself off current medication. With the assistance of Cruz Life Center, I am choosing to regain control of my life. I feel happy and more positive. I want to live again.”

-Jennifer Forbes, RN-MSN